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Kinjyo´s full name is Kintaro Lab, which will continue to introduce Japanese and international cuisines, and at the same time blends in with Kintaro´s cooking technology to develop various cuisine products. Kinjyo´s main color is black because black is the only color that can absorb light. We hope Kinjyo can also absorb different cuisine nutrients, digest and improve into authentic local flavor of Hong Kong, and keep moving forward. Kinjyo will change the theme of cuisine from time to time, with the first theme being Japanese Gunma´s famous Himokawa Udon. After nearly half a year of experiments using Japanese raw materials, we developed a product that is freshly made on daily basis, with perfect balance on hard & soft, and thick & thin, delivering a superb Japanese dining experience to our customers.



Meter Chen was born in Hong Kong in 1976. With father being overseas Chinese in Japan, Meter started studying in Japan in 1995. He graduated from The Asia University of Japan majoring in law.

During his 15 years in Japan, Meter was attracted to Japan's profound and outstanding culture and was determined to promote it everywhere. He hounded his own brand "MeterTee." His books include

《Chou Umai》、《Local guy》、《Tokyo Meter》and《cup noodle man》, He has written articles for 《East touch》, 《JM》、《The Sun》、Taiwan's《Cool》to introduce Japanese culture. He has worked in production for various major TV stations in Hong Kong and responsible for more than 50 Japanese trend travel programs. In 2017, he filmed food & travel program "Tsukiji Market 100" for ViuTV.  


Meter established Intro Gourmet Group LTD. in 2011. In the same year, he opened Kakurega Ramen Factory and later brands like Ebina, Munakataya, Confusion Steak and Triple Steak.

無論是以前的築地,還是現在的豐州,「仲家」這家店可說是跨越了兩個時代,如果你是日本海鮮的喜愛者,很大可能曾經在此留下腳毛。自從疫情爆發,外國人不能進入入日本。據「仲家」老闆説:「這種瘋狂排隊情況,經已不見了。」 現在,魚巿場差不多只做日本國內人生意。由於日本市場大,除了東京,還有其他省縣的客人前來光顧,生意還未算跌到最低點...但相比下更...
金所3.0 x 仲家 豐州市場



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